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Natakwala aims to develop sustainable new ways to engage with Art applications & practices. This is an online effort to connect all art enthusiasts!


Our Signature Process

We started with all the free resources. Everyone came and joined the process. Those who learnt came to teach and many of them are now also using our technics in their own fields.

“Words, words, words.”

― William ShakespeareHamlet (Act2, scene2)





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If you ask me, what is theatre?
I would like to quote Mr. Peter Brook – Theatre is an empty space and it has two rules; one that- anything can happen, and secondly something must happen.
If you ask me, what is the real need for theatre ?
I would like to quote Mr. Satish Alekar – The only need for any performance is one living being to perform & one living being to witness.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

“Theatre is a bastard art.”, dear friend Anupam Barve once said to me.

Yes! It is true.

Theatre consumes all the performing & fine art forms and all the available resources. Over the years theatre has evolved in to screens & now we have theatre in our hands using internet. “Mobile Theatre.” We are modern thespian.
All we do, share came from the efforts from experts & gurus from different generations. इदं न मम
– Mandar Kulkarni

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